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While the CCEM has been physically closed, the staff is still working hard at home to improve your user experience.

Our new file server is now ready for use and can be accessed at

To login, use the email associated with your NanoLIMS account (not the username) and your NanoLIMS password. If you cannot login, log into NanoLIMS first, then an account will be generated automatically. Any changes made to your password in NanoLIMS will also be made to the file server.

The old file server is now read-only. Please don’t write to it or use the CCEM owncloud service anymore.

Desktop clients for the new server can be accessed here: There are two clients, “desktop drive client” is recommended, but you can try the “desktop syncing client” as well.

The file server will be set-up on the microscope computers, so you can directly save your data to your account.