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Following McMaster’s lead, the CCEM will be moving into our Phase 2 of re-opening. What does this mean? The Centre will now be open to non-staff users that are trained to work independently and to those scheduled to receive in-person training with CCEM staff. In-person access to the CCEM requires the following:

  1. Users familiarize themselves with and follow all COVID-19 protocols in place by the CCEM, the university, and other university departments and offices – including the mandatory use of face masks for indoor, public spaces.
  2. Users book their instrument time in advance using NanoLIMS, or by arranging time with CCEM staff

Note that during this phase we are limiting instrument room occupancy to a maximum of 1 person (with an exception of 2 people for training by CCEM staff).

Detailed CCEM COVID-19 protocols can be found on the CCEM File Server (

The CCEM also remains open to receiving jobs for analysis by our staff.

If you have any further questions regarding our limited re-opening please contact the Acting Manager.