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Over the last year, CCEM has developed a new Strategic Plan, which as been approved by the Governing Board. This plan is the result of one year of planning, consultation and envisioning the future of the centre and plots CCEM’s path into the future.

Our new Strategic Plan provides a bold vision for CCEM as a national research facility. It has been informed by feedback from the national user community, partners and CCEM management and builds on the successes and lessons from our previous Plan. The Governing Board has actively participated in shaping the plan. The strategic goals of CCEM over the next five years will strengthen CCEM’s position as a national electron microscopy research facility with international recognition for excellence that serves a growing and diverse national academic and industrial user base.

The development of the Plan has been inspired by a value proposition built on three pillars:

  • a national enabler of breakthrough materials research
  • a global leader in electron microscopy education and training
  • a provider of accessible specialized electron microscopy services

CCEM will contribute to growing the scale and scope of materials innovations that are important for the prosperity, health and security of Canadians.

Important drivers of the Strategic Plan are the following:

1. The need for new and improved materials for a more prosperous, cleaner and healthier tomorrow. Cutting-edge micro- and nano-scale imaging is a critical enabler to unlocking breakthrough materials innovations.
2. Effective national connectivity among researchers is essential for the increase of scale and pace of materials innovation in Canada.
3. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the demands for equality and opportunity for all are important drivers to embrace inclusiveness, collaboration and innovative delivery of services.
4. CCEM as an MSI funded facility is expected to support leading-edge research, contribute to talent development and promote the mobilization of knowledge and transfer of technology to society through shared access by a pan-Canadian user community to specialized equipment, services and scientific personnel.

Through our EM research, training and services, we catalyze tomorrow’s materials innovations.

We have identified four strategic goals:

1. We will push the cutting-edge of materials characterization that best enables strategically important materials breakthroughs.
2. We will expand national connectivity to researchers and innovators in materials characterization, development and applications to accelerate the pace and scale of materials innovations.
3. We will re-imagine CCEM’s business model to drive impact, inclusiveness and innovation.
4. We will be Canada’s leader in education and training of the next generation of electron microscopists.


The new Plan can be found here

We will leverage partnerships with the user base, other research facilities and various other organizations. If you would like to discuss any opportunities to collaborate with CCEM, please contact me at, I’d be happy to discuss your ideas.

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