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Atom Probe Tomography

Cameca LEAP 5000 XS

The Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) 5000 XS from CAMECA Instruments Inc. is a high-resolution material analysis system that provides quantitative three-dimensional elemental and isotopic mapping with sub-nanometre resolution. Materials are examined by successive field-evaporation of ions. The collected data is then reconstructed to yield a 3D computer model of the material, offering an unparalleled combination of spatial and compositional accuracy.

The wide field-of-view and improved ion optics of the LEAP 5000 XS provide high-quality spatial resolutions, whereas new detector technologies provide unmatched multi-hit detection capabilities and detection efficiencies for more accurate compositional measurements.

In addition to the traditional method of high voltage pulsing to induce field evaporation, laser capabilities using an ultraviolet laser (355 nm wavelength) expand the range of potential materials beyond metals and alloys to semiconductors, ceramics, minerals, and biomaterials. A large range of pulse repetition rates offered by the LEAP 5000 system provides fast data acquisition times, while the live-time mass-spectrum calibration and 3D data reconstruction allows for improved data quality.

An equipped Vacuum and Cryo Transfer Module (VCTM) enables cryogenic and/or air sensitive materials to be prepared in the Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and transferred to the LEAP 5000 XS for analysis, further expanding the potential of APT to study new materials, such as soft materials and liquid-solid interfaces.

Finally, the latest version of the CAMECA AP Suite 6 software allows users to work through their APT data easily and efficiently, with analytical capabilities including the characterisation of dopants in semiconductors, alloying elements in steels, trace element segregation to interfaces and clusters, isotope ratio measurements in minerals, and the generation of 1D concentration profiles and 2D maps with atomic sensitivity.

Contact Gabe Arcuri for more information.