Brian Langelier

Research Associate

Dr. Langelier earned his PhD in 2013 from the University of Waterloo, for research in the area of physical metallurgy related to magnesium alloy development.  Since then, he has worked primarily in the field of atom probe tomography, on a variety of topics ranging from alloys, to oxidation, to biomaterials.  He first joined the CCEM in 2014 as a post-doctoral fellow; in 2016 he was hired as a Research Associate with primary responsibility for the Atom Probe.

Current Projects

Dr. Langelier’s expertise is on the study of materials using atom probe tomography, and the analysis of atom probe data.  He is responsible for sample preparation, atom probe experimentation, data reconstruction, and the analysis and interpretation of results.  Recent research projects include analyzing internal oxidation in Ni Alloy 600, characterizing precipitation in light alloys (i.e. Al, Mg), measuring solute segregation to ferrite growth interfaces, and examining structures in human bone and bone-Ti implant interfaces.

Selected Publications

  • Langelier, X. Wang, K. Grandfield (2017) “Atomic scale chemical tomography of human bone”, Scientific Reports 7 p.39958
  • H.P. Van Landeghem, B. Langelier, B. Gault, D. Panahi, A. Korinek, G.R. Purdy, H.S. Zurob (2017) “Investigation of solute/interphase interaction during ferrite growth”, Acta Materialia 124 p.536-543
  • Langelier, A. Korinek, P. Donnadiue, S. Esmaeili (2016) “Improving precipitation hardening behavior of Mg-Zn based alloys with Ce-Ca microalloying additions”, Materials Characterization 120 p.18-19
  • Rossouw, B. Langelier, A. Scullion, M. Danaie, G.A. Botton (2016) “Multivariate-aided mapping of rare-earth partitioning in a wrought magnesium alloy”, Scripta Materialia 124 p.174-178
  • Langelier, S.Y. Persaud, R.C. Newman, G.A. Botton (2016) “An atom probe tomography study of internal oxidation processes in Alloy 600”, Acta Materialia 109 p.55-68
  • Fallah, B. Langelier, N. Ofori-Opoku, B. Raeisinia, N. Provatas, S. Esmaeili (2016) “Clustering evolution mechanisms during aging in Al-Mg-Si alloys”, Acta Materialia 103 p.290-300
  • Langelier, S. Esmaeili (2015) “Effects of Ce additions on the age hardening response of Mg-Zn alloys”, Materials Characterization 101 p.1-8
  • Langelier, A. Nasiri, S.Y. Lee, M.A. Gharghouri, S. Esmaeili (2015) “Improving microstructure and ductility in the Mg-Zn alloy system by combinational Ce-Ca microalloying”, Materials Science and Engineering: A 620 p.76-84
  • Langelier, X. Wang, S. Esmaeili (2012) “Evolution of precipitation during non-isothermal ageing of an Mg-Ca-Zn alloy with high Ca content”, Materials Science and Engineering: A 538 p.246-251