June 27, 2019; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Marueen Joel Lagos, McMaster University Faculty of Engineering. Photo Ron Scheffler for McMaster University.

Maureen Joel Lagos

Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Lagos is an Associate Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Department at McMaster University. He currently oversees the design and construction of an ultra-quiet room for a new state-of-art microscope at the CCEM. By harnessing the power of electron spectroscopic and imaging techniques, he investigates low-energy excitations (phonon, plasmons) and transitions in novel materials with potential for infrared photonics and quantum material applications. He also possesses expertise on temporal aspects of the inelastic electron scattering associated with collective excitations, quantum electronic transport, and mechanical properties of nanostructures.

Affiliation: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
E-mail: mjlagos@mcmaster.ca

Currently Accepting Graduate Students

We have openings for undergraduate and graduate students. Interested students are encouraged to directly contact Maureen Lagos

Research Interests

  • Exploration of phonon and plasmonic properties in nanostructures using electron probes. (link, link, link, and link)
  • Temporal aspects of the inelastic scattering of fast electrons from nanostructures. (link)
  • Structural characterization of nanostructures using HRTEM and STEM. (link and link)
  • Understanding the fundamental aspects of the mechanical elongation and quantum transport of atom-sized nanostructures. (link, link and link)

Representative Publications

  • Nanoscale Temperature Measurements using Phonon Spectroscopy, NanoLetters 18,4556, (2018).
  • Mapping Surface and Bulk Vibrational modes in a Single Nanocube, Nature 543, 529 (2017).
  • Vibrational Spectroscopy in the Electron Microscope, Nature 514, 209 (2014).
  • Attosecond and Femtosecond Forces exerted on Gold Nanoparticles induced by Swift Electrons, Physical Review B 93, 205440 (2016).
  • The Role of Electronic Coupling between Substrate and 2D MoS2 Nanosheets in Electrocatalytic Production of Hydrogen, Nature Materials 15, 1003 (2016).
  • Mechanical Deformation of Nanoscale Metal Rods: When Size and Shape Matter, Physical Review Letters 106, 55501 (2011).
  • Observation of the Smallest Metal Nanotube with a Square Cross-section, Nature Nanotechnology 4, 149 (2009).