The CCEM is located on the campus of McMaster University. Governance is provided by a Scientific Advisory Committee (AC), a Planning and Operations Committee (PC) and a User Group.

The CCEM Scientific Advisory Committee provides input on users and new trainees and their geographic representation, on the quality of research, on reporting requirements and the budget, and suggests directions for future improvements in infrastructure renewal and succession planning. Based on input from the Scientific Advisory Committee, the CCEM has established a liaison committee which aims to establish “local champions” of the facility.

The CCEM Planning and Operations Committee is chaired by the Scientific Director and ensures that McMaster University receives feedback on the needs of the CCEM, in areas including risk management, succession planning, hiring of faculty and financial support from the Faculties of Science and Engineering.

Finally, the User Group Executive Committee acts as a conduit to CCEM management, providing input for short- and long-term planning, as well as feedback on the user experience at the centre.


Governance Structure of the CCEM

Governing Board

  • Robert S. Walker, PhD, FCAE (Chair)
  • Andy Knights, (Acting) Associate Vice-President, Research (ex-officio), McMaster University
  • Gianni Parise, Faculty of Science, McMaster University
  • Neil Branda, Simon Fraser University
  • Patricia Hawkins, Xerox Research Centre of Canada
  • Sara Iverson, Scientific Director, Ocean Tracking Network
  • Guillermo Ordorica-Garcia, NRC- Nanotechnology Research Centre
  • Keana Scott, Materials Measurement Science Division, NIST
  • Anja Geitmann, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University
  • John Preston, Associate Dean, Research and External Relations, Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University

CCEM Scientific Advisory Committee (AC)

  • Quentin Ramasse, SuperSTEM Facility, UK
  • Eric Stach, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • David Skinner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
  • Guozhen Zhu, University of Manitoba
  • Keana Scott, NIST
  • Tom Zega, University of Arizona

CCEM Planning and Operations Committee (PC)

  • Scientific Director of the CCEM
  • Deputy Director of the CCEM
  • Director of User Operations of the CCEM
  • Associate Dean, Research and External Affairs, Faculty of Engineering
  • Associate Dean, Research and External Relations, Faculty of Science
  • Assistant Vice-President, Research Administration
  • Manager of the CCEM (ex officio)
  • 2 rotating members