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Featured Paper

Multi-scale Examination of the Microstructure Evolution of AZ31 During Multi-pass Cross-Rolling


Metall and Mat Trans A, 2018, 49 (8), pp. 3674-3682

Figure: EBSD inverse pole figure of as-annealed alloy AZ31.


To have your paper featured, please submit all papers containing CCEM obtained data and analysis to Nano LIMS

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Welcome New Employee – Natalie Hamada

Natalie will be joining the CCEM staff as a research associate. She is responsible for the Titan TEMs.

A note from Natalie: I obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue University where I characterized the material properties and morphology of iron-strengthened protein adhesives produced by marine mussels. My research interests include analytical electron microscopy and soft materials, in particular organic-inorganic interfaces.  In my free time I enjoy gardening and spending time outdoors with my two dogs.

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Welcome New Employee – Jhoynner Martinez

Jhoynner will be joining the CCEM staff as a lab technician. He is responsible for sample preparation and SEM.

A note from Jhoynner: I am a very focused and knowledge driven individual with the desire to help and teach but also to learn. I attended Cathedral High School and am a Mohawk College Graduate with an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Eng. Technology. This year I am working on becoming a Certified Technologist. I started here at the CCEM as a co-op student and learned that electron microscopy was something that I enjoy and would love to expand my knowledge on. I previously worked as a steel worker at a company called Salit Steel that focuses mainly on re-bar. I am also a manager and co-owner of a cleaning business.

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Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy joins Canadian FACT Network

The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) is pleased to announce that it is joining the Fabrication, Assembly, Characterization and Test (FACT) Network, a cooperative ecosystem of service-oriented labs offering expertise and services for fabrication, assembly, characterization, and test of micro-nanotechnologies. For the full story visit here.

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CCEM Art Gallery Competition

The CCEM will be holding an image competition to fill our art gallery! The images can be black and white or have false colouring added; it is up to your artistic discretion.

-Please send images in tiff format to with the following file extension “firstname_lastname_art”. In the email indicate 1.your affiliation, 2. the name of your art piece, and 3. the material imaged, so this information can be included in the art gallery should your image be selected.
-Only one image can be submitted per user!
-The images must be acquired at the CCEM
-The submitted images should be 11.75 inches x 11.75 inches (width x height)

Deadline: April 30, 2018

Selection Process:
After the submission deadline the user group committee will select the top ten images. A vote will then be had by CCEM users to select the top six images that will be featured in the art gallery.