Scanning Electron Microscopes

Staff responsible for CCEM SEMs:

Chris Butcher


FEI Magellan 400

The FEI Magellan 400, an extreme high-resolution SEM with sub-nanometer resolution, operates at 1 to 30keV. An in-situ plasma cleaner and a liquid nitrogen cold finger allow for the analysis of highly labile and sensitive materials. SEM analysis of non-conductive materials, carried out at low beam energies, enables characterization of sub-nanometer surface structures. Novel detectors such as the high collection efficiency in-lens detector and a unique low voltage, high contrast solid state detector, combined with a two-mode objective lens with beam deceleration and immersion capabilities, provide high surface sensitivity, high resolution and enhanced contrast at low voltages.

SEM Jeol7000


The JEOL JSM-7000F equipped with a Schottky field emission gun offers high resolution and large probe currents at small probe diameters permitting characterization of nano-scale structures. A multipurpose specimen chamber, motorized specimen stage, single-action specimen exchange and an ideal geometry for techniques such as energy dispersive spectroscopy, electron backscattered diffraction and e-beam lithography are also features of this instrument. Resolutions of 1.2nm at 30keV and 3.0nm at 1keV make it an ideal instrument for the study of nano-scale non-conductive materials, polymers, ceramics and semi-conductors. Integrated Oxford Instruments X-Maxn 50 mm2 EDS detector and Nordlys II EBSD Camera with AZtec EDS/EBSD software plus HKL Channel EBSD post-processing software for the simultaneous acquisition of elemental (Boron and higher Z-number elements) and crystal orientation data, permitting a complete characterization of poly-phase samples.

SEM Jeol6610


The JEOL 6610LV is a tungsten filament equipped SEM with selectable low vacuum mode that allows for the analysis of non-conductive specimens without the need for heavy-metal coating. It has a large chamber which enables observation of specimens up to 200mm in diameter. With a resolution of 3.0nm at 30keV it is possible to view secondary electron and backscattered composition images simultaneously, which allows the user to contrast and compare specific details of the sample while carrying out EDS analysis.

Staff responsible for CCEM@FHS SEM:

Marcia Reid

Instrument located at CCEM@FHS

Tescan Vega LSU SEM


The TESCAN VEGA-II LSU SEM is a variable pressure SEM equipped with a tungsten filament.  Conductive samples are viewed via a high vacuum mode while non-conductive samples can be viewed under low vacuum conditions.  The microscope has a large chamber and an IR chamber CCD camera to allow viewing inside the chamber during use and the stage holds 7 stubs (13mm diameter) at one time and allows for 3600 rotation and 500 tilt .  SE and BSE imaging can be done simultaneously and a Peltier cooling stage is available (temperature control to -500C).  The microscope is equipped with an X-MAX 80mm2 EDS detector and INCA software.