Transmission Electron Microscopes

Staff responsible for both Titan TEMs:

Natalie Hamada

FEI Titan 80-300 HB

The Titan 80-300 HB is a double aberration-corrected TEM/STEM that can operate at multiple accelerating voltages to allow imaging of a variety of materials, including beam-sensitive samples. The instrument achieves sub-Ångstrom resolution both for phase contrast imaging and STEM. A monochromator allows 0.1eV energy resolution for high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy.

The Titan HB is used for atomic-resolution imaging and detailed chemical analysis, giving both composition and chemical state, of a wide variety of materials. Some recent examples are novel compositions and structures for LEDs, safety-critical materials for nuclear power, and nano-particles for biomedical applications.


  • XFEG source
  • 80keV, 200keV, 300keV
  • monochromator
  • CEOS hexapole aberration correctors on image- and probe-forming lenses
  • Super-Twin objective lens
  • Gatan Quantum GIF (0.1 eV resolution)
  • Gatan K2 Summit® direct electron detection camera
  • single- and double-tilt holders, tomography holder, cryo-holder, heating holder


FEI Titan 80-300 LB

The Titan 80-300 LB is a high-resolution, image-corrected HRTEM/STEM that operates at 80 and 300 keV. A high-brightness source and a monochromator make this TEM well suited for high-energy-resolution analytical work including energy-filtered imaging. A cryogenic capability and the option to acquire and analyse electron tomography data are also available.


  • XFEG source
  • monochromator
  • large-gap Cryo-Twin objective lens
  • CEOS hexapole aberration corrector on the image-forming lens
  • Gatan Tridiem Spectrometer (0.25eV resolution)
  • single- and double-tilt holders, tomography holder, cryo-holder, heating holder

Staff responsible for the Talos 200X:

Carmen Andrei

Talos 200X

The Thermo Scientific Talos 200X is an analytical TEM and STEM equipped with an X-FEG source and an adjustable high tension between 80 and 200 kV.

The instrument supports HRTEM with a resolution of 0.1 nm and STEM with a resolution of 0.16 nm.

It is equipped with four in column SDD Super- X detectors for energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) signal detection and chemical characterization with compositional mapping . This allows for the fastest and the most precise EDS analysis in 2D and 3D.

A CMOS detector for EELS acquisition with a measured energy resolution of 0.65 eV.

The CETA 16M CMOS camera provides large area high framerate image acquisition capabilities, allowing for imaging of beam sensitive materials and low dose imaging.

Staff responsible for the Talos L120C:

Carmen Andrei

Talos L120C

The Thermo Scientific Talos L120C is a general purpose analytical TEM equipped with a LaB6 filament and an adjustable high tension between 20-120kV.

The instrument supports bright field or dark field TEM (information limit 0.36 nm @ 120kV), diffraction and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM).

A Bruker XFlash 6TI30 EDS detector provides chemical mapping capabilities. The 4k CETA CMOS camera provides large area high framerate image acquisition capabilities.

The microscope excels at imaging of beam sensitive materials, as well as metals and ceramics and is very user friendly. It serves as the primary training instrument for TEM at the facility.

Staff responsible for CCEM@FHS TEM:

Marcie Reid

Instrument at CCEM@FHS


The JEOL 1200EX  is a very user friendly TEM equipped with a tungsten filament and an adjustable high tension between 60-120kV.  Grid exchange is quick, the goniometer allows for 35 degree tilting of specimen rod and a rotational holder is available. The pole piece design provides excellent contrast for biological samples and there is minimal sample damage at 80kV.   The microscope is equipped with an AMT 4 megapixel digital camera.