Academic Research

The research carried out at the CCEM touches many areas; electron microscopy has applications in many fields. We are privileged to work with researchers studying in areas from new medical devices or renewable energy generation to fundamentals of physics and chemistry. Our users and collaborators come from many different universities in Canada, and from across the world. We aspire to be a gathering place where researchers from all different areas and locations can not only obtain state-of-the-art data but can have those serendipitous meetings that lead to shared knowledge and new collaborations.

Access to the CCEM’s instruments for academic research can be obtained either by submitting samples or by requesting training for post-docs or graduate students. The procedures for both are outlined on the User Access page.

Featured Researcher – Dr. Kathryn Grandfield

Kathryn Grandfield is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the School of Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University. Her research interests center on the improvement of electron microscopy techniques for biomaterials characterization and development, in particular on using focused ion beam microscopy and electron tomography to understand soft-hard tissue interfaces. Kathryn’s research projects focus on materials and technique development for improving osseointegration of titanium implant systems for dental and orthopaedic applications. Special focus is placed on developing three-dimensional analysis methods to understand biomineralization and bone growth at implant interfaces.

Dr. Grandfield is the Director of User Operations at the CCEM.

Recent CCEM Publications

  1. Kuyanov, J. Boulanger, R.R. LaPierre, Control of GaP nanowire morphology by group V flux in gas source molecular beam epitaxy, J. Cryst. Growth 462, 29. (2017)
  2. Langelier, G. Sha, A. Korinek, P. Donnadieu, S.P Ringer, S. Esmaeili, The effects of microalloying on the precipitate microstructure at grain boundary regions in an Mg-Zn-based alloy, Materials and Design 119, 290-296. (2017)
  3. Chen, Ata, M., Zhao, X., Puri, I.K., Zhitomirsky, I., Liquid-liquid extraction of oxide particles and application in supercapacitors, Journal of Materials Research, to appear. (2017)
  4. Abdalla, A.M., Fattah, A.R.A., Ghosh, S., Puri, I.K., Magnetoresponsive Conductive Colloidal Suspensions with Magnetized Carbon Nanotubes, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 421, 292–299.  (2017)
  5. Langelier, H.P. Van Landeghem, G.A. Botton, H.S. Zurob, Interface Segregation and Nitrogen Measurement in Fe-Mn-N by Atom Probe Tomography, Microscopy & Microanalysis (in press) (2017)
  6. Sipkens, T. A., Singh, N. R., Daun, K. J., Time-resolved laser-induced incandescence characterization of metal nanoparticles, Applied Physics B 123, 14.  (2017)

A longer list of publications can be found here.