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Industry Access

CCEM working with industry

The centre is always looking for new industry partners to collaborate with and is eager to offer imaging and analytical data to help solve materials, processing or device problems to any branch or scale of industry. We actively seek new partners and are happy to discuss our capabilities and to help new users determine what we can do to help them, and how we can best obtain the information they require. For examples of the kind of work we can do, please see the Industry and Research Areas pages. For more detail, recent publications are also listed here.

For inquiries about our services, and requests for quotations for specific jobs, please contact the Acting Facility Manager, Andreas Korinek (korinek@mcmaster.ca). You can also contact Dr. Korinek through the Project Request Form.


Research Development, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

"Resolution is a big thing, older microscopes don't necessarily have the same resolution capabilities as the new modern capabilities. At McMaster they have very high resolution microscopes with state of the art capabilities, for what we're doing, it's really a game changer." - Colin Judge