Courses & Workshops

These activities are supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, under the MSI Program and by the Ministry of Research and Innovation of Ontario. A list of past events run by the CCEM can be found here.

CCEM Webinar Series

The CCEM will be hosting a series of webinars on the basic theory of instruments available in the Centre. The schedule of events are listed below and registration is required to access the webinar. Access the registration page by clicking the “register” button at the bottom of the linked page.

Date (2020)/11 AM EDT                                 Title                                                                             Register

July 31, 2020                                                    Introduction to EDS                                                   here

August 28, 2020                                              Capabilities of the FHS-EM Facility                         here

September 25, 2020                                        APT Part 2:  Intro to Data Reconstruction             here
                                                                             & Analysis 

October 30, 2020                                            SEM Preparation of Metals Alloys for EBSD          here

November 27, 2020                                        Introduction to EELS                                                  here

December 18, 2020                                        Introduction to PFIB                                                   here

January 29, 2021                                            Low Voltage SEM                                                       here

February 26, 2021                                           TEM Preparation: Intro to Wedge Polishing           here
                                                                            and Experimentation  

March 26, 2021                                                EBSD Data Post-Processing                                     here

April 30, 2021                                                  Liquid Cell Microscopy                                               here

We don’t provide certificates of attendance/completion of webinars because we can not prove that you have attended the course. All of the CCEM virtual content is free and the registration is designed to help us control the link and keep track of our outreach.