Have you wondered how the work completed at the CCEM is used to solve everyday world-wide problems?

Take a look at our various user stories for a better understanding of how electron microscopy can be used to answer pressing questions concerning the environment, energy, our personal longevity, and more!

A Guide to Using Electron Microscopy to Reveal the Degradation Mechanisms of Battery Electrodes

This work was completed in a collaborative network between academia and industry with specific interest from General Motors.

Bones: How are they really structured?

This is a collaborative work between McMaster University and the Université Grenoble Alpes.

From He Nano-bubbles to Crack Propagation: Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Examines Ex-Service Inconel X-750

The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)is the government research development lab for nuclear technology and science.

Using Electron Microscopy to Develop a Green Environment Through Light Weight Vehicles

This is a collaborative work between the McMaster Steel Research Centre and Stelco Inc. as part of the NSERC/Stelco Industrial Research Chair in Advanced Coated Steels.

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