Transmission Electron Microscopes

Staff responsible for both Titan TEMs:

Natalie Hamada

FEI Titan 80-300 HB

The Titan 80-300 HB is a double aberration-corrected TEM/STEM that can operate at multiple accelerating voltages to allow imaging of a variety of materials, including beam-sensitive samples. The instrument achieves sub-Ångstrom resolution both for phase contrast imaging and STEM. A monochromator allows 0.1eV energy resolution for high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy.

The Titan HB is used for atomic-resolution imaging and detailed chemical analysis, giving both composition and chemical state, of a wide variety of materials. Some recent examples are novel compositions and structures for LEDs, safety-critical materials for nuclear power, and nano-particles for biomedical applications.


  • XFEG source
  • 80keV, 200keV, 300keV
  • monochromator
  • CEOS hexapole aberration correctors on image- and probe-forming lenses
  • Super-Twin objective lens
  • Gatan Quantum GIF (0.1 eV resolution)
  • single- and double-tilt holders, tomography holder, cryo-holder, heating holder


FEI Titan 80-300 LB

The Titan 80-300 LB is a high-resolution, image-corrected HRTEM/STEM that operates at 80 and 300 keV. A high-brightness source and a monochromator make this TEM well suited for high-energy-resolution analytical work including energy-filtered imaging. A cryogenic capability and the option to acquire and analyse electron tomography data are also available.


  • XFEG source
  • monochromator
  • large-gap Cryo-Twin objective lens
  • CEOS hexapole aberration corrector on the image-forming lens
  • Gatan Tridiem Spectrometer (0.25eV resolution)
  • single- and double-tilt holders, tomography holder, cryo-holder, heating holder

Staff responsible for the CM12 and the 2010F:

Carmen Andrei


Philips CM12

The Philips CM12 is a general purpose analytical TEM, with a LaB6 filament operating at 120keV and a magnification range from 30 to 660,000X. A choice of bright field or dark field images formed by conventional TEM, electron diffraction from a selected area, micro-diffraction, or convergent beam diffraction methods is available.

TEM Jeol2010F

Jeol 2010F

The JEOL 2010F TEM/STEM has capabilities ranging from nano-beam and convergent beam diffraction to high-resolution phase contrast and energy-filtered imaging. The 2010F has been optimized for analytical microscopy with a large solid angle for high X-ray throughput and a Gatan Imaging Filter for energy-filtered imaging and electron energy loss spectroscopy. This TEM is also regularly used for in-situ experiments with an in-situ liquid electrochemistry holder.