What people have to say

User feedback from workshops, surveys, and the user group has allowed us to listen to our clients and adjust our management and activities to meet their needs. Here is what some people have to say about the CCEM.

"The CCEM Summer School is the best microscopy school that I have ever attended. The speakers are the best, leaders of their respective fields."
- Devendra Singh Negi, JNCASR, Bangalore, India


PDF, Materials Engineering, McMaster University

“The best part is being able to use these high technology microscopes, these are the best microscopes in the world. The Titan low base has one of the highest resolutions in the world.” – Edson Bellido

"CCEM Summer School 2016 was very helpful in terms of the knowledge and practical experience that you get. The best part is that you get to interact with the experts in this small microscopy community."
- Anuj Pokle, Trinity College Dublin


Research Development, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

“Resolution is a big thing, older microscopes don’t necessarily have the same resolution capabilities as the new modern capabilities. At McMaster they have very high resolution microscopes with state of the art capabilities, for what we’re doing, it’s really a game changer.” – Colin Judge

"The CCEM Summer School course covered many topics in chemistry and physics through the eyes of the electron microscope. The depth of understanding of these concepts was easily conveyed through experts in the field from academia and industry. I really enjoyed this short course and came away with several ideas to advance my own research."
- Brian T. Sneed, Oak Ridge National Laboratory