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Facility Access

The CCEM is always happy to welcome new users. The first step is to contact the facility manager, the scientific director or a member of the technical staff to discuss your proposed job, any questions about your material and the required sample preparation.

New academic users need to submit an Access Form. All users with new samples must provide the facility manager with a description of the sample and the data needed on a Sample Submission Form. Following a feasibility review of the proposed work by CCEM staff, instrument time and training, if applicable, is scheduled with staff.

Users who will be trained on an instrument at the CCEM must submit proof of safety training (WHMIS) before their session. More details can be found on the Access Policies page.

Following data collection, the data is provided to the user, and staff are happy to provide some support for data interpretation, if needed by the user. Costs are based on the academic user fee schedule, and are determined by the facility manager.

  • International Users
  • Canadian Users

In 2015, the CCEM had 362 users across Canada and internationally, with over 100 publications.