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Microscope Training Program

Woman smiling while looking at a monitor with PFIB behind her

CCEM strives to be Canada’s leader in comprehensive, accessible training in cutting edge microscopy. We recognizes the rapidly evolving landscape of microscopy and are dedicated to offering a comprehensive educational experience in the latest techniques. However, the heart of this training remains our students. CCEM’s design is aimed at ensuring maximum accessibility, placing students at the epicenter of our efforts, empowering them to harness the full potential of electron, ion, and X-ray technology and contribute significantly to its future advancements.

All instruments at CCEM are available for user training. CCEM employees training workflows for each instrument group with a focus on TEM, SEM, and XCT. These workflows are composed of equipment training modules (ETMs) that are a set time, set discounted price, have specific prerequisites, final hands-on assessments, and are linked to permissions/access to CCEM. This method of training is designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience that focuses on creating the next generation of microscopists. For training on CCEM’s FIBs and APT, please reach out to the Facilities Manager.

Specific instrument workflows, ETMs, and pricing can be found below. Reach out to the Manager of Education, Governance, and Outreach for specific details about the program.