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Atom Probe Tomography

Cameca LEAP 5000 XS


  • The Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) 5000 XS from CAMECA Instruments Inc. is a high-resolution material analysis system that provides quantitative three-dimensional elemental and isotopic mapping with sub-nanometre resolution.


  • Wide field-of-view and improved ion optics for high-quality spatial resolutions
  • New detector technologies for unmatched multi-hit detection capabilities and detection efficiencies
  • Laser capabilities using an ultraviolet laser (355 nm wavelength) for expanded material range
  • Large range of pulse repetition rates for fast data acquisition times
  • Vacuum and Cryo Transfer Module (VCTM) enables analysis of cryogenic and/or air sensitive materials

    Field-evaporation of ions for material examination

  • Reconstruction of collected data to yield a 3D computer model of the material
  • Live-time mass-spectrum calibration and 3D data reconstruction for improved data quality
  • Equipped with CAMECA AP Suite 6 software for easy and efficient data analysis


  • Characterization of dopants in semiconductors
  • Analysis of alloying elements in steels
  • Trace element segregation to interfaces and clusters
  • Isotope ratio measurements in minerals
  • Generation of 1D concentration profiles and 2D maps with atomic sensitivity

Contact: Gabe Arcuri for more information.