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Auger Spectroscopy

JEOL JAMP-9500F FE-Auger


  • The JEOL JAMP-9500F FE-Auger is a high-sensitivity instrument for surface analysis.
  • It offers very high spatial resolution with a minimum probe diameter of 8nm and high energy resolution.


  • Hemispherical electrostatic energy analyzer with a large acceptance angle
  • Multi-channel detector for element detection with concentrations as low as 0.2 atomic%
  • Incorporation of SEM for sample imaging
  • EDXS detector for quick preview analysis and precise location selection
  • In-situ ion gun for selective milling and depth profiling
  • Detection of elements with concentrations as low as 0.2 atomic%
  • Depth profiling to a depth of a few hundred nanometers
  • Removal of contamination and neutralization of surface charging for non-conductive samples using the ion gun


  • Surface analysis with high sensitivity and spatial resolution
  • Depth profiling for material characterization
  • Contamination removal and surface charge neutralization for non-conductive samples

Contact: Travis Casagrande for more information.

Auger Spectrometer and SEM centered in the image.