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2019 Publications

A.S. Sokolovskii, M.T. Robson, R.R. LaPierre and V.G. Dubrovskii, Modeling selective-area growth of InAsSb nanowires, Nanotechnology, 30, 2019, 285601

Adam P. Hitchcock, Xiaoyue Wang, Kathryn Grandfield, James Everett, Joanna F. Collingwood, and Neil D. Telling, Correlative Spectromicroscopy and Tomography for Biomedical Applications Involving Electron, Ion, and Soft X-ray Microscopies, Microscopy Today, , 2019,

Ahmed M. Abdalla Rakesh P. Sahu, Ishwar K. Puri, Tailoring the Properties of a Polymer Nanocomposite With a Magnetic Field, POLYMER COMPOSITES, , 2019,

AlainYouLi, NicolasDumaresq, Andréanne Segalla, Nadi Braidy, Audrey Moores, Plasma-Made (Ni0.5Cu0.5) Fe2O4 Nanoparticles for Alcohol Amination under Microwave Heating, ChemCatChem, 11, 2019, 3959–3972

Alana O. Wang, Carol J. Ptacek, David W. Blowes, Blair D. Gibson, Richard C. Landis, James A. Dyer, Jing Ma, Application of hardwood biochar as a reactive capping mat to stabilize mercury derived from contaminated floodplain soil and riverbank sediments, Science of the Total Environment, 652, 2019, 549–561

Alex Fan Xu, Ryan Taoran Wang, Lory Wenjuan Yang, Na Liu, Qi Chen, Ray LaPierre, Nebile Isik Goktas, Gu Xu, Pyrrolidinium containing perovskites with thermal stability and water resistance for photovoltaics, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 7, 2019, 11104–11108

Amanda Victorious, Amanda Clifford, Sudip Saha, Igor Zhitomirsky, Leyla Soleymani, Integrating TiO2 Nanoparticles within a Catecholic Polymeric Network Enhances the Photoelectrochemical Response of Biosensors, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123, 2019, 16186?16193

Amir Hadadzadeh, Babak Shalchi Amirkhiz, Brian Langelier, Jian Li and Mohsen Mohammadi, Evolution of a Gradient Microstructure in Direct Metal Laser Sintered AlSi10Mg, Part of the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series book series (MMMS), , 2019, 331-338

B. Panton, A. Michaela , Y.N. Zhou, M.I. Khan, Effects of post-processing on the thermomechanical fatigue properties of laser modified NiTi, International Journal of Fatigue, 118, 2019, 307–315

B. Yu, J. Tam, W. Li, H.J. Cho, J.-G. Legoux, D. Poirier, J.D. Giallonardo, U. Erb, Microstructural and bulk properties evolution of cold-sprayed copper coatings after low temperature annealing, Materialia, 7, 2019, 100356

Baowen Zhou, Xianghua Kong, Srinivas Vanka, Shaobo Cheng, Nick Pant, Sheng Chu, Pegah Ghamari, Yichen Wang, Gianluigi Botton, Hong Cuo, Zetian Mi, A GaN:Sn nanoarchitecture integrated on a silicon platform for converting CO2 to HCOOH by photoelectrocatalysis, Energy and Environmental Science, 12, 2019, 2842

Bryan E.J. Lee, Lucy Lu, Kathryn Grandfield, Carmen M. Andrei, Henry P. Schwarcz, Identification of collagen fibrils in cross sections of bone by electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), Micron, 124, 2019, 102706

C. Goosney, V.M. Jarvis, D.P. Wilson, N.I. Goktas and R.R. LaPierre, InSb nanowires for multispectral infrared detection, Semicond. Sci. Technol, 34, 2019, 035023

C. Howard, C.D. Judge, P. Hosemann, Applying a new push-to-pull micro-tensile testing technique to evaluate the mechanical properties of high dose Inconel X-750, Materials Science & Engineering A, 748, 2019, 396–406

C. Howard, V. Bhakhri, C. Dixon, H. Rajakumar, C. Mayhew, C.D. Judge, Coupling multi-scale mechanical testing techniques reveals the existence of a trans-granular channel fracture deformation mechanism in high dose Inconel X-750, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 517, 2019, 17-34

C.D. Judge, H. Rajakumar, A. Korinek, G. Botton, J. Cole, J.W. Madden, J.H. Jackson, P.D. Freyer, L.A. Giannuzzi and M. Griffiths, High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy of Irradiation Damage in Inconel X-750, In book: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems – Water Reactors, , 2019, 727-741

C.D. Judge, S. Persaud, A. Korinek, M.D. Wright, A Recent Look at CANDU Feeder Cracking: High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy and Electron Energy Loss Near Edge Structure (ELNES), In book: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems – Water Reactors, , 2019,

Changhong Wang, Xia Li, Yang Zhao, Mohammad N. Banis, Jianwen Liang, Xiaona Li, Yipeng Sun, Keegan R. Adair, Qian Sun, Yulong Liu, Feipeng Zhao, Sixu Deng, Xiaoting Lin, Ruying Li, Yongfeng Hu, Tsun-Kong Sham, Huan Huang, Li Zhang, Rong Yang, Shigang Lu, and Xueliang Sun, Manipulating Interfacial Nanostructure to Achieve High-Performance All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries, Small Methods, , 2019, 1900261

Clifford, A., *Lee, B.E.J, Grandfield, K., Zhitomirsky, I. , Biomimetic modification of poly-l-lysine and electrodeposition of nanocomposite coatings for orthopaedic applications, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, , 176, 2019, 115-121.

D. Gupta, N.I. Goktas, R.R. LaPierre and O. Rubel, Stacking defects in GaP nanowires: Electronic structure and optical properties, J. Appl. Phys, 126, 2019, 084306

D.P. Wilson, A.S. Sokolovskii, V.G. Dubrovskii and R.R. LaPierre, Photovoltaic light funnels grown by GaAs nanowire droplet dynamics, IEEE J. Photovolt, 9, 2019, 1225

Dakota M Binkley, Bryan E J Lee , Sokunthearath Saem, Jose Moran-Mirabal and Kathryn Grandfield, Fabrication of polycaprolactone electrospun nanofibers doped with silver nanoparticles formed by air plasma treatment, Nanotechnology, 30, 2019, 215101

Dan Luo, Gaoran Li, Ya-Ping Deng, Zhen Zhang, Jingde Li, Ruilin Liang, Matthew Li, Yi Jiang, Weiwei Zhang, Yangshuai Liu, Wen Lei, Aiping Yu, and Zhongwei Chen, Synergistic Engineering of Defects and Architecture in Binary Metal Chalcogenide toward Fast and Reliable Lithium–Sulfur Batteries, Adv. Energy Mater, 9, 2019, 1900228

Daniel A. Osorio, Bryan E.J. Lee , Jacek M. Kwiecien, Xiaoyue Wang, Iflah Shahid, Ariana L. Hurley, Emily D. Cranston, Kathryn Grandfield, Cross-linked cellulose nanocrystal aerogels as viable bone tissue scaffolds, Acta Biomaterialia, 87, 2019, 152–165

Danilo Bonincontro, Alice Lolli, Alberto Villa, Laura Prati, Nikolaos Dimitratos, Gabriel M. Veith, Lidia E. Chinchilla Gianlugi A. Botton, Fabrizio Cavani, Stefania Albonetti, AuPd-nNiO as an effective catalyst for the base-free oxidation of HMF under mild reaction conditions, green chemistry, 21, 2019, 4090–4099

Davide Motta, Felipe Sanchez, Khaled Alshammari, Lidia E. Chinchilla, Gianluigi A. Botton, David Morgan, Tommaso Tabanelli, Alberto Villa, Ceri Hammonda, Nikolaos Dimitratos, Preformed Au colloidal nanoparticles immobilised on NiO as highly efficient heterogeneous catalysts for reduction of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 7, 2019, 103381

Dong Yue Xie, Ming-hui Lin, Wei Zhou, Jian Wang, and Guo-zhen Zhu, Kinetically Favorable Vapor–Adsorbate–Solid Growth of Rutile Nanowires, Small Methods, 3, 2019, 1900111

Dong, Peng and Allahverdi, Ali and Yuan, Hui and Bassim, Nabil D., Using Plasma Focused Ion Beam Microscopy to Characterize 3D Structureand Porosity of OPC Mortar, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 25 (S2), 2019, 926–927

Elbasuney, S., Zaky, M. G., Radwan, M., Sahu, R. P., & Puri, I. K, Synthesis of CuO nanocrystals supported on multiwall carbon nanotubes for nanothermite applications, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 29, 2019, 1407-1416

Elhadi Attia, Fathy Hassan, Matthew Li, Dan Luo, Ali Elkamel, and Zhongwei Chen, Multifunctional Nano-Architecting of Si Electrode for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Anode, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 166, 2019, A2776-A2783

Fahad Aljekhedab, Wenbin Zhang, Harold K. Haugen, Gregory R. Wohl, Munir M. El-Desouki, Qiyin Fang, Influence of environmental conditions in bovine bone ablation by ultrafast laser, Journal of BioPhotonics, 12, 2019,

Finamore TA, Curtis TE, *Tedesco JV, Grandfield K, Roeder RK. , Nondestructive, longitudinal measurement of collagen scaffold degradation using computed tomography and gold nanoparticles., Nanoscale, 11 (10), 2019, 4345-4354

Frankis, Henry C. and Kiani, Khadijeh Miarabbas and Bonneville, DawsonB. and Zhang, Chenglin and Norris, Samuel and Mateman, Richard andLeinse, Arne and Bassim, Nabil D. and Knights, Andrew P. and Bradley,Jonathan DB, Low-Loss TeO2 Waveguides Integrated on a Si3N4 Platform for Active andNonlinear Optical Devices, CLEO: Science and Innovations, , 2019, STh3N. 6

G. SEYED MOUSAVI, B. LANGELIER, and J.R. MCDERMID, Effect of Sn Addition, Process Atmosphere pO2, and Annealing Time on the Selective Oxidation of a C-2Mn-1.7Si (Wt Pct) Advanced High-Strength Steel During Continuous Galvanizing, METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A, 50A, 2019,

Guihua Liu, Jingde Li, Jing Fu, Gaopeng Jiang, Gregory Lui, Dan Luo, Ya-Ping Deng, Jing Zhang, Zachary P. Cano, Aiping Yu, Dong Su, Zhengyu Bai, Lin Yang, and Zhongwei Chen, An Oxygen-Vacancy-Rich Semiconductor-Supported Bifunctional Catalyst for Efficient and Stable Zinc–Air Batteries, advanced materials, 31, 2019, 1806761

Hanlon, S. M. and Persaud, S. Y. and Long, F. and Korinek, A. and Daymond, M. R., A solution to FIB induced artefact hydrides in Zr alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 515, 2019, 122-134

Hendrix, Douglas, Bassim, Nabil and Wille, Kay, Investigation Methods for Characterizing Nanoparticles in Concrete, American Concrete Institute, 335, 2019, 37–48


Holly M. Fruehwald, Reza B. Moghaddam, Olena V. Zenkina, E. Bradley Easton, High-performance water oxidation catalysts based on the spontaneous deposition of ruthenium on electrochemically exfoliated graphene oxide, Catalysis Science and Technology, 9, 2019, 6547–6551

Hongyang Li, Jing Li, Nafiseh Zaker, Ning Zhang, G. A. Botton, J. R. Dahn, Synthesis of Single Crystal LiNi0.88Co0.09Al0.03O2 with a Two-Step Lithiation Method, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 166, 2019, A1956-A1963

Huifang Pang, Rakesh P. Sahu, Yuping Duan , Ishwar K. Puri, MnFe2O4-coated carbon nanotubes with enhanced microwave absorption: Effect of CNT content and hydrothermal reaction time, Diamond & Related Materials, 96, 2019, 31–43

Isobel C. Bicket, Edson P. Bellido, Danielle M. McRae, François Lagugné-Labarthet, Gianluigi A. Botton, Carving Plasmon Modes in Silver Sierpi?ski Fractals, ACS Photonics, 6, 2019, 2974-2984

Ivana Postic & Heather Sheardown, Altering the release of tobramycin by incorporating poly(ethylene glycol) into model silicone hydrogel contact lens materials, Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 30, 2019, 1115–1141

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Keshavarzkermani, Ali and Esmaeilizadeh, Reza and Ali, Usman andEnrique, Pablo D and Mahmoodkhani, Yahya and Zhou, Norman Y andBonakdar, Ali and Toyserkani, Ehsan, Controlling mechanical properties of additively manufactured hastelloy Xby altering solidification pattern during laser powder-bed fusion, Materials Science and Engineering: A, , 2019, 138081

Keshavarzkermani, Ali and Marzbanrad, Ehsan and Esmaeilizadeh, Reza andMahmoodkhani, Yahya and Ali, Usman and Enrique, Pablo D and Zhou, NormanY and Bonakdar, Ali and Toyserkani, Ehsan, An investigation into the effect of process parameters on melt poolgeometry, cell spacing, and grain refinement during laser powder bedfusion, Optics & Laser Technology, 116, 2019, 83–91

Kevin J. De France, Mouhanad Babi, Jaana Vapaavuori, Todd Hoare, Jose Moran-Mirabal, and Emily D. Cranston, 2.5D Hierarchical Structuring of Nanocomposite Hydrogel Films Containing Cellulose Nanocrystals, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11, 2019, 6325?6335

Kohei FURUMAI, Xiang WANG, Hatem ZUROB, Andre PHILLION, Evaluating the Effect of the Competition between NbC Precipitation and Grain Size Evolution on the Hot Ductility of Nb Containing Steels, ISIJ International, 59, 2019,

Kun Feng, Matthew Li , Yining Zhang , Wenwen Liu , Ali Ghorbani Kashkooli , Xingcheng Xiao, Zhongwei Chen, Micron-sized secondary Si/C composite with in situ crosslinked polymeric binder for high-energy-density lithium-ion battery anode, Electrochimica Acta, 309, 2019, 157-165

L. S. Hui, C. Beswick, A. Getachew, H. Heilbrunner, K. Liang, G. Hanta, R. Arbi, M. Munir, H. Dawood, N. Isik Goktas, R. LaPierre, M. C. Scharber, N. S. Sariciftci, A. Turak, Reverse Micelle Templating Route to Ordered Monodispersed Spherical Organo-Lead Halide Perovskite Nanoparticles for Light Emission, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 4121?4132, 2019, 4121?4132

L.F. White, D.E. Moser, K.T. Tait, B. Langelier, I. Barker, J.R. Darling, Crystallization and impact history of a meteoritic sample of early lunar crust (NWA 3163) re?ned by atom probe geochronology, Geoscience Frontiers, , 2019,

Lei Zhang, Hanshuo Liu, Sihang Liu, Mohammad Norouzi Banis, Zhongxin Song, Junjie Li, Lijun Yang, Matthew Markiewicz, Yang Zhao, Ruying Li, Matthew Zheng, Siyu Ye, Zhi-Jian Zhao, Gianluigi A. Botton, Xueliang Sun, Pt/Pd Single-Atom Alloys as Highly Active Electrochemical Catalysts and the Origin of Enhanced Activity, ACS Catalysis, 9, 2019, 9350?9358

Lei Zhang, Rutong Si, Hanshuo Liu, Ning Chen, Qi Wang, Keegan Adair, Zhiqiang Wang, Jiatang Chen, Zhongxin Song, Junjie Li, Mohammad Norouzi Banis, Ruying Li, Tsun-Kong Sham, Meng Gu, Li-Min Liu, Gianluigi A. Botton & Xueliang Sun, Atomic layer deposited Pt-Ru dual-metal dimers and identifying their active sites for hydrogen evolution reaction, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 10, 2019, 4936

Lei Zhang, Yang Zhao, Mohammad Norouzi Banis, Keegan Adair, Zhongxin Song, Lijun Yang, Matthew Markiewicz, Junjie Li, Sizhe Wang, Ruying Li, Siyu Ye, Xueliang Sun, Rational design of porous structures via molecular layer deposition as an effective stabilizer for enhancing Pt ORR performance, Nano Energy, 60, 2019, 111–118

Liang, Kunyu and Shu Hui, Lok and Turak, Ayse, Probing the Multi-Step Crystallization Dynamics of Micelle Templated Nanoparticles: Structural Evolution of Single Crystalline ?-Fe 2 O 3, Nanoscale, 11 (18), 2019, 9076-9084

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Minghui Hao, Sebastien Garbarino, Sagar Prabhudev, Tory Borsboom-Hanson, Gianluigi A. Botton‡ David A. Harrington,§ and Daniel Guay, Vertically Aligned Ni Nanowires as a Platform for Kinetically Limited Water-Splitting Electrocatalysis, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123, 2019, 1082?1093

Mingxin Liu, Yichen Wang, Xianghua Kong, Lida Tan, Lu Li, Shaobo Cheng, Gianluigi Botton, Hong Guo, Zetian Mi, Chao-Jun Li, Efficient Nitrogen Fixation Catalyzed by Gallium Nitride Nanowire Using Nitrogen and Water, iScience, 17, 2019, 208–216

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