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Earlier Publications

A.T.W. Barrow, A. Korinek, M.R. Daymond, Evaluating zirconium–zirconium hydride interfacial strains by nano-beam electron diffraction, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 432 (2013) 366-370. DOI

G.-Z. Zhu, G. Radtke, G.A. Botton, Bonding and structure of a reconstructed (001) surface of SrTiO3 from TEM, Nature, 490 (2012) 384-387. DOI

D. Rossouw, G.A. Botton, Resonant optical excitations in complementary plasmonic nanostructures, Optics Express, 20 (2012) 6968-6973. DOI

E. Najafi, A.P. Hitchcock, D. Rossouw, G.A. Botton, Mapping defects in a carbon nanotube by momentum transfer dependent electron energy loss spectromicroscopy, Ultramicroscopy, 113 (2012) 158-164. DOI

N.J.J. Johnson, A. Korinek, C.H. Dong, F. van Veggel, Self-Focusing by Ostwald Ripening: A Strategy for Layer-by-Layer Epitaxial Growth on Upconverting Nanocrystals, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134 (2012) 11068-11071.DOI

P.T.N. Hieu, K. Cui, S.F. Zhang, M. Djavid, A. Korinek, G.A. Botton, Z.T. Mi, Controlling Electron Overflow in Phosphor-Free InGaN/GaN Nanowire White Light-Emitting Diodes, Nano Letters, 12 (2012) 1317-1323.DOI

K. Grandfield, A. Palmquist, F. Ericson, J. Malmstrom, L. Emanuelsson, C. Slotte, E. Adolfsson, G.A. Botton, P. Thomsen, H. Engqvist, Bone Response to Free-Form Fabricated Hydroxyapatite and Zirconia Scaffolds: A Transmission Electron Microscopy Study in the Human Maxilla, Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, 14 (2012) 461-469.DOI

K.J. Dudeck, M. Couillard, S. Lazar, C. Dwyer, G.A. Botton, Quantitative statistical analysis, optimization and noise reduction of atomic resolved electron energy loss spectrum images, Micron, 43 (2012) 57-67.DOI

A. Jomaa, G. Stewart, J.A. Mears, I. Kireeva, E.D. Brown, J. Ortega, Cryo-electron microscopy structure of the 30S subunit in complex with the YjeQ biogenesis factor, RNA, 17 (2011) 2026-2038.DOI